Wednesday, October 29, 2008

The Immortals Journey

With the end of life
Begins our new journey
Towards the white light
We heed heart hereto
Towards this unknown bright shine …….

We leave forever
The pains and sorrows
The relations and affections
The fate and fortune
And move ahead
Towards the bright shine …….

But hush!!!
Before heading towards my spiritual plane
I look back and sigh
At the morbid faces and the hue and cry
All my relations were helpless in their plight
For their eyes could not see
The truth that their souls knew awhile……
“Bodies come & go
But souls only knew to roll
To reform from its ashes
Like the phoenix could do”
I couldn’t wait here on this karma plane anymore
& so I move eagerly
Towards the bright shine…………

I move in THE HEMRIT’S cloak
With the whips & wisdom of THE MAGICIAN
& the energy of THE FOOL
THE WORLD was at my bestow
With the card of THE DEATH in my hand
I had nothing to fear off
As I move
Towards the bright shine………..

The white light brought me to the unknown plane
Whose solemn aura, looked familiar to me
I move towards an apple tree & lied their beneath it
To relax and ponder
“What have I learned from my past life?
Have I accomplished the divine purpose?”
Because very soon I’ll have
To follow
The bright shine………

I rose and went to
The heavenly pond
To Bath and wash my inner dirt along
I meet some familiar souls abroad
Who had been my mates in some distant birth across
I choose my book of destiny along
And closed my eyes again for the light to come and guide
Suddenly and slowly…
I wake up from this heavenly slumber
And felt the warmth of a womb around
And then with a rejuvunative zest
I say aloud that
Now there is a long gap of time
To move
Towards the bright shine………….


manas mishra said...

hi,Its really nice to see that still in all this rush and haste, personalities are there still considering about all the reasons and purpose to be here. Though still its haze all around but its a great negotiation towards the UNSEEN, important step to the road from where the journy starts....
keep it up...its all that keep us going....thanks for this piece of art.

aravind said...

nice poem.. its really amazing to keep wondering wht goes on in the author's mind wen he or she is writing the poem...ur case is no different!!