Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Wishess Of a Wishfull heart.....

I wish the clouds had life...
i would have chatted with it whole day and night...
I wish d stars had a face....
I could see them always above me whatsoever my situation may be. . .
I wish this wind had voice that it could whisper me solacefull rhymes. .
I wish the water had the sense of touch so that it could have hold my hand 4revr. . .
I wish the trees could smile so i would remain smiling with them 4evr. . .
Ironically their are millions of humans on dis earth but still...
why i have no one to share. .
Still i have many known persons but no one to understand.......

Irony Of life...

I see people crying without feelings,
i see people smiling without happiness,
i see people hugging those whom they dislike,
i see people adjusting to all circumstances they once loathed,
i see people wearing different masks every other time,
i see them doing things they never wished to,
i see them dancing on someone Else's tunes against their will,
i see them living without any life,
i declare i don't like hypocrites but sometimes i myself cant help being one,
sometimes this world is a lovely orchard with some ripe fruits,
but on the other its is a jungle full of polished animals with savage hearts!

Friday, July 25, 2008

The Untitled...

I am a countries hope!

Standing beside the road in dirty cloths,

With under-fed stomach and,

Skinny ribs to show…….

I am a homeless wanderer!

With street dogs as my only kith & kins,

With sore naked feet’s and,

Coal like tanned skin…….

I have no family tree!

Not even a mother to look up too,

In wintry nights I do miss her pious enclave,

And warm & affectionate womb……

I move about as a helpless creature!

Pitying about my hunger and asking for alms,

All I get is hatred but

What is my fault??

If I wasn’t nourished in a golden pram,

& brought up in luxuries and form…..

What can I do if my feet’s are

Not rooted with proper education,

& hence I deem to become

A frog in the well……..

I am an aimless fellow!

With no dreams to dream

I haven’t ever heard of Alice

& neither her Wonderland…..

Why all of you hate me?

For my poor condition

As I am definitely not the person to be blamed

And yet

Alas! You see a thousand’s of me

At each corner of the land.



The Illusionist