Wednesday, July 30, 2008

Irony Of life...

I see people crying without feelings,
i see people smiling without happiness,
i see people hugging those whom they dislike,
i see people adjusting to all circumstances they once loathed,
i see people wearing different masks every other time,
i see them doing things they never wished to,
i see them dancing on someone Else's tunes against their will,
i see them living without any life,
i declare i don't like hypocrites but sometimes i myself cant help being one,
sometimes this world is a lovely orchard with some ripe fruits,
but on the other its is a jungle full of polished animals with savage hearts!


honey said...

It's really idiotic if we portray ourselves in the same situation but yes our reactions nevertheless would be alike in similar situations!
Indeed the irony of life!
Great work..keep going!

manas mishra said...

well,it makes me think how sharp poetry is.exactly same i thought,i felt many time but never got all in words arranged like this. thanks to u to gave me my feelings.
god bless u. keep this on.

Ramesh said...

Very mature thinking considering you are so young. Keep it up.

SUSHIL YADAV - victory is mine said...

hieee !!IUSHE(Aayushi is better)!
Irony of lyf is written wht every one knows and every one neglect !!
i really appreciate ur effort !!

keep it up !!